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Although we have a seperate Soft Skills Training program, we are convinced that each Project Manager should develop or improve his or hers competencies related to soft skills. We offer the typical soft skills and our own concepts.
 Soft Skills Trainings
Our Vision
Team Bonding Concept
Team building programs exist by the dozens! We look beyond teams and learn people belonging to different teams work together in an effective way in a 2-day or 3-day seminar.
Classical Soft Skills Trainings
Our classical Soft Skills Training Program is divided over four flexible modules each containing different topics. You can however compose your own module according to your specific needs. Modules are:

1, Leadership
2, Management
3, Self Development
4, Management Mix
Details of each module can be seen in our catalogue. Each module takes 3 days to complete and a different number of topics may be included in each module. We offer to possibility to customize all courses to your needs
Course Program
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